Truffle oil, imported by Macchi Inc. - Photos by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

Truffle oil, imported by Macchi Inc. - Photos by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

I have to say that the reason why I like using truffle oil so much is because it complements my type of cooking very well.
I use it very often in my bechamel when I make lasagna. I also use it in my Alfredo & Bolognese sauce. I like using it when making risotto and I love using it as “topping” on vegetables or a nice piece of BBQed steak.

Depending on my mood I switch between the black truffle oil, that has more of an earthy taste, and the white truffle oil that has a stronger aroma and is sweeter in its flavor.

After opening the twist cap on the bottle it is recommended to keep it in the fridge make sure that cap is tight to keep the fragrance longer. I would suggest not to expect it to last longer than 6 months which for me has never been a problem =).

The truffle oil we sell at Macchi Inc. is labeled with ‘Il tartufo d’oro”, the bottle contains 250 ml and you need aprox. 5-10 ml/serving depending on what it is that you are preparing.

This is again a product that is not offered yet by retail stores, therefore, if you are interested to purchase Truffle Oil from us you can, just contact our office for further questions.

Truffles and truffled product have a distinct flavor and essence that is very different from anything else. It is very “potent” and if used in exaggerated amounts it can end up being difficult to digest, but it is something that does grow on you and when you’ve become custom to the flavor and essence the satisfaction is an unexperienced one and very fulfilling.

And now it’s your turn to treat yourself with giving your meals or vegetables a spa treatment in “a bath of gold”.