We are an importing and distribution company servicing wholesale, retail and food service across Canada. We specialize in refined Italian food products.

We can be reached at 1 (514) 529-1665

History & Our Passion For Food

Macchi Inc. started as Distributions Macchi Inc on January 1st, 2000. In those days, Paolo was filling the shoes of four people, the president, the salesman, the driver and the “warehouse-worker.”

Macchi Inc. is built entirely on Paolo’s love and passion for food, primarily Italian “Salumi” cold cuts. Since opening, we have quickly expanded into refined Italian food products, and carried on the legacy of the second generation of Macchi’s, supplying Canadians with the one and only CITTERIO brand.

Paolo’s desire to work with high quality food and his need to please made a great combination and set a high bar to pass in customer service. He always took and still takes great pride in his products and has never sold anything that he thinks is not up to standards.

Today, we serve our clients with CITTERIO’S products, Imported Italian Cheeses, Saffron, Bottarga, both fresh and jarred truffles, and other truffle products.

We are a young company that carries on an old legacy and because of that we will always have room to grow, not necessarily in size but in knowledge. Our clients are the reason we are who we are today, through continued support and more importantly their advice.

Food is something that for centuries has brought people together and is the only time people come together as one without prejudice, as Craig Claiborne once said “Man is born to eat” and it is our pleasure to supply you with that.

Here is to great food and hoping to get to know you!

Buon Appetito!