Paolo shaving Italian summer truffles

Paolo shaving italian summer truffles

How to recognize a fresh truffle?
A fresh truffle should feel heavy and dense for its size. It should be firm to the touch. It should smell earthy but not musty. To be able to distinguish the aroma of a good truffle it will take some practice.

How to slice your truffle?
You could use a truffle slicer or even a micro-plane to slice or shave your truffle. I highly recommend getting yourself a good quality truffle slicer. Not only for the perfect shavings it will make, but for the pleasure of using a nice tool with such a beautiful ingredient, and making each truffle experience a memorable one.

How to store your truffle?
Since truffles are a “tuber” ( latin name for tis specific type of truffle family) they should be stored just like a potato. Keep them cool and away from moisture. Wrap your truffle in a cloth or paper towel, then put it in a air tight container ( or ziploc bag )  and place it in the fridge. Change the cloth on a daily basis to keep the truffle dry. The cloth helps absorb the condensation from the container and therefore protects the truffle from moisture.

What is the shelf life of a summer truffle?
The minute the truffle comes out of the ground it starts to loose its fragrance and flavor. Ideally, purchase the truffle on the day your are planning to use it. I would not recommend keeping a truffle for more than a week.

What is the season of summer truffles?
Fresh Italian summer truffles are found starting May until November.

Italian Summer Truffles

Italian Summer Truffles

How much truffle should you serve per  person?
As much as your wallet can handle! For an entrée you could do 3 to 5 grams per portion and as a main course, 5 to 7 grams. Though, adding more truffle to a dish will not harm it.  Summer black truffles have a very subtle flavor that can be overpowered by most types of food, not the other way around!

Where to find truffles?
Fresh truffles are very hard to find on a retail level in Montreal. It is much easier to find truffle infused oils or different types of preparations made from fresh truffles. Your best bet to find them are in small premium fruit and vegetables stalls located in open air markets ( Marché Jean-Talon, Atwater Market, etc…)