Bottarga di Muggine & Bottarga di Tonno

I've gathered with time a few tips and tricks about Bottarga. Here they are:

1. Storage tips: Preferably refrigerate the Bottarga but not at all necessary. Although, once the package opened, keep it in the fridge.

2. Shelf life: Bottarga is so easy to store, from the day of packaging the “the best before” is five years! Yes, yes! Five entire years! Even when opened it can be kept for a couple of years in fridge. Not bad?

3. Serving it: Bottarga can be sliced with a knife, chopped and grated.

4.Freshness: Bottarga should be firm but not rock hard. The salt should not over power the flavor of the bottarga, there should just be a hint of salt in it’s flavour and it should be gentle on the palate. The bottarga should not be dry but moist an creamy in flavour.

5. Authenticity: If you want the authentic product it is always good to make sure that ou can see somewhere on packaging that the product is made and packaged in Sardenia.