Macchi Inc.'s Buffalo Mozzarella - Photos by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

Macchi Inc.'s Buffalo Mozzarella - Photos by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

We don’t realize how fortunate we really are, when we so easily can get the Buffalo Mozzarella at our nearest, medium or large chain, grocery store.

This item is a fairly perishable cheese and it is imported from Italy.

From the day of production, you have 30 days until it has reached the “best-before-date”, which means that by the time it reaches our nearest grocery store, it has less than 21 days left before it goes bad.

It’s also on the fixed menu in most of our restaurants in and outside the city!

It is important not to mix the Buffalo Mozzarella with its cousin the Mozzarina/Fiore di latte. The latter’s base is cow’s milk and not buffalo milk. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with Mozzarina/Fiore di latte, it is very good for different purposes and there is a slight price difference since it can be locally made ( Canada or US ).

How do you know that Buffalo Mozzarella you just bought is an authentic Italian import?

You look for the “D.O.P Conzorsio” logo, which guaranties the authenticity of the cheese.

Before serving the cheese make sure you’ve had it in room temperature for at least 15 minutes, if it’s too cold, you will not be able to notice much of it’s delicate taste.

The retail price for a 200 g “ball” is approximately 11$ CAD.

How can Buffalo Mozzzarella be served?

Besides from the traditional way of using it sliced with a fruit or vegetable, it can also be used on a pizza or a pasta dish.

I would recommend you take the gamble and figure out yourself how you would enjoy Buffalo Mozzarella by pulling this “ace of spades” of cheeses and throwing it on the table. Let me know what the outcome ends up being!