Paolo Preparing the Panzanella Salad - Photo by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

Since Mozzarella di Buffala / Buffalo Mozzarella is a perfect “summer cheese” we like to use it often in the summer.

We had some guests over on Sunday and Paolo prepared a Panzanella salad as a side dish to our BBQed chicken wings, it tasted just as good as it looks and even better.

I urge you try this simple recipe, all of the ingredients can be found in almost any store and it is so quick and easy to prepare!


Panzanella Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella

Panzanella Salad - Photo by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

This is my twist on the classic bread and tomato salad. It is at its best when you use ‘day old bread’. If you don’t have any old bread, cut some fresh bread and heat it a little in the oven to dry it out. If you skip this process, your croutons will get soft instead of chewy.

Since this is a salad, only assembly work is required.

  1. Cubed bread
  2. Fresh ripe tomatoes in quarters
  3. Buffalo mozzarella
  4. Fresh basil
  5. Salt, pepper, evoo ( extra virgin olive oil ), white wine vinegar

If you wish, you can flavor your croutons by placing them on a baking sheet, add a little olive oil on top, salt, pepper and dried oregano, put them in the oven for a few minutes.

Preparation time: 5-7 minutes ( just make sure you start the preparations with turning the oven on, right away)

See you, tomorrow !