Paolo cooking on a Wednesday evening with Prosciutto

At home, Paolo is the one that enjoys cooking the most. I am usually the designated assistant and assembler, and of course the eater!

This evening, Paolo and I made this very homey pasta dish with prosciutto di parma. Nothing too fancy, a nice feel good meal, but soooo tasty!

Since it is prosciutto week on the blog, I decided to snap some pics, and share the recipe with you.


Prosciutto wrapped around hand rolled grissini’s on a bed of mixed greens and Dwarf Truffled Peaches.

Pasta: Fusilli with peas, cubed prosciutto “crudo” (raw) and Burrata.

  1. Fusilli were tossed in onions sauted in butter
  2. We added steamed peas, cubed Prosciutto and Burrata
  3. and served immediately!

As for wine, we like them with a lot of  “body” and depth. Most of the times we find one that we like and we drink it with all of our meals until we find something that we like again so we move on to the next one. Presently the Barbaresco is what we have been enjoying accompanied with our meals, and that is what we had tonight.

Since prosciutto is so salty, salt is not something or rarely something that needs to be added. the beauty of prosciutto is that it is so versatile and very easy to cook with, it works practically with any vegetable, with cream sauce, wine sauce and even in tomatoe sauce.

A Macchi tradition is also to stuff the Christmas turkey with prosciutto, we always fight over the prosciutto as soon as we sit down on the table. Unfortunately, Paolo and my brothers-in-law usually get the most of it. I am not good at fighting, but I do have other qualities 😉

Traditionally cantaloupe and figs are served with prosciutto but since we are such huge fans of the truffled dwarf peaches we tend to use them every chance we get. When there is match of course! Fresh peaches too are a very nice companion to prosciutto. If you wanna be fancy, marinate the quartered peaches in cognac, top with some ricotta cheese and wrap the proscuitto around it. It makes a perfect hors d’oeuvre.

Buon Appetito!