Here we are, Wednesday morning, and today is "the Macchi family recipe day".
Being the procrastinator that I am I decided yesterday was the day that I will make my famous Swedish “Saffrans Bullar” (Saffron buns) to share with all of you. I went through millions (close to) of recipes and finally found one that I was really happy with. In the unbearable humidity we had here in Montreal yesterday, I turned my oven on and added another 15C in my kitchen, but I was just as excited, cause I was going to have “Saffrans Bullar” in August, rather than, as by tradition, in November!

I made a doe, one that I have never managed to make as good before, and it had the perfect texture. It made it so easy to work with! None the less, between dealing with the window cleaner that we had contracted for yesterday, the guy that was treating our wood doors and my four year-old making sure I was catering to his EVERY need, my “bullar” turned into charcoal =/!
I can’t even believe my fire alarm didn’t go off, my gas alarm goes of every time I use hairspray! I was so upset that I quickly sent them into the garbage, thinking back now I wish i had taken a picture of them. So, having that said, there is no recipe from MrsMacchi this week but thank good for Paolo (MrMacchi), he knew about my unsuccessful baking attempt and came home and cooked one of my all time favorite dishes of his and that is what I will be sharing with you today, Catering services available from this website for any type of event you need, from a private parties, corporate event or special events like weddings. 

Paolo's Saffron Recipe: Linguini with shrimp in a saffron & cream sauce


  1. Cook your linguini and set it aside
  2. In a deep sauce pan, melt some butter with olive oil and add chopped garlic & dried chilli flakes.cook for 2 minutes,or until the garlic becomes soft.
  3. Add 250 ml of 15 % cream with 2 small packs of saffran. Cook on medium-high until the cream reduces a little bit.
  4. Add 1 lbs of “matane “ shrimps, be careful not to overheat the shrimp. They will shrink and become chevy. Remember, the shrimp are all ready cooked, you just need to heat them up.
  5. Add the cooked pasta to the pan and leave on the heat for 30 seconds so that the pasta soaks in all the sauce.*
  6. Add some freshly chopped parsley and voila……….

* I like to let the pasta out for about 5 min to let it dry out and so that it gets a little sticky. This will help it absorb the saffron cream sauce a lot better

As a garnish, I like to use the remainder of the parsley, (leaves and stalks). Cut them coarsely and put them in the food processor with some olive oil and blend until smooth. I like to add a good amount of salt to this mixture because the cream tends to make the sauce a little bland.
If you do not make the parsley sauce, make sure to taste you cream sauce and add the necessary amount of salt.
Buon Appetito!