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Saffron Recipes

I am so excited to share these three recipes with you this week! I found them on other blogs and what got me to choose these recipes and amazes me the most is that it just goes to show how food travels around the world and really brings people together.

We have” Labneh” that originates from the arab speaking areas in the middle east that is traditionally prepared without the saffron, instead it is usually served with olive oil and crushed dried mint leaves on top. Here it is prepared by an Italian with the chefs own twist, adding the saffron and some balsamic vinegar, how could you not want to give that a try!

We also have a classical Italian dish like, Risotto Milanese, that is explained in detail of how it’s made traditionally, by an American! It looks so delicious and just by reading the recipe and looking at the picture I am getting overwhelmed by the feeling of “authenticity”. (more…)


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