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Have You Ever Heard Of Truffled Dwarf Peaches?

March 27, 2013

Truffled Dwarf Peaches

The new “Diva” is in town and she is here to stay and rock every plate and party!

Have you ever heard of “Truffled Dwarf Peaches”?

Neither had I, until five years ago when I met with the person that is now supplying Macchi Inc. with this unique and one of a kind product.

All these years that I've been in this business, I have never come across them anywhere else.

This product is based on the same idea as green tomatoes and any other vegetable that is normally pickled.

In the fall, before winter arrives the farmers pick the unripe peaches, so they would not go to waste. Then, they pickle them in vinegar to conserve the peaches and consume them like any other pickle.

Our supplier that is based in Frosolone, Molise in Italy, added his twist to the product by soaking these peaches in sunflower oil and infusing the oil with truffle essence. This last step has created a very different flavor profile.

What does this “gem” taste and look like?
…like something you’ve never tasted before!

Very subtle in its taste, just enough truffle essence to know that this is a truffled product, but not to over power the dish that you are using it on and it adds a pleasant crunch and acidity to any salad or carpaccio.

They look like large green olives but since they are picked before maturity, the pit is not yet developed which makes them a breeze to work with in comparison to olives and since they are so firm in texture it makes them so versatile in presentaton in comparison to caper berries.

Truffled Dwarf Peaches

Right now we don’t have any stores selling this product to the public since there is not enough knowledge about it out there to create a demand. We are in the process of planning a marketing campaign to launch this product in Montreal and to help our retail clients inform the end consumers about Truffled Dwarf Peaches.

Presently you can have this “Diva” present herself on some of the creations served at Restaurant Toqué!, Restaurant BIS, Restaurant PARK as well as many more restaurants in Montreal.

Go and meet her, and make sure you all let me know how you got along.



  • Line Atallah

    You should have never brought me this. I am addicted to these peaches now!

  • MrsMacchi

    It’s ok, it makes two of us =).

  • domenico armeni

    Wow!!!!Can’t wait to get back home and discover this new product and recreate some dishes of my own thanks Paolo :)

  • Shaun Thomson

    I’ve never heard of ‘dwarve peaches’ before but they do sound great! I wonder though, as in parts of Italy they prefer to serve honey with their cheese, and you can get truffled honey. Would it work to ‘dress’ these peaches with a little honey to serve with cheese? I imagine that the pickle and the sweetness combined will give it a nice ‘agri-dolce’ flavour which is good with meats and cheese. Might be worth a try…dont tell me off though if it doesnt work!:)

  • MrsMacchi

    Domenico, we can’t wait to have you back! Thank You! -MrsMacchi-

  • MrsMacchi

    Hi Shaun, I will give it a try and let you know.
    As I always say; “Not everything is for everyone but I do believe that everything can be prepared in a way so that it will “suit” everyone in taste”.
    I do love using jam or honey with my cheese!
    So yes it is most definitly worth a try!

  • Vincent

    Where can I buy these in Montreal?

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