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A Chefs Take on: Bottarga

April 22, 2010

Bottarga Recipe by Chef Derek Dammann at DNA Restaurant

Derek Dammann from Restaurant DNA created this mouth watering plate with Bottarga. I can just imagine the different flavors mixing altogether in my mouth.

The delicate presentation, makes it look like a painting. A very summery dish, to try at DNA, or at home!

Here are the ingredients:

  • Scallops Crudo (raw)
  • Micro basil
  • Chili
  • Lemon juice
  • Bottarga


  • Nermo

    WOOOW!! That looks really good!! Sounds fresh with the lemon juice. Thanks for the recipe, have to try it!

    I have a request. Could you please give us a recipe that includes prosciutto, pasta and cream? I really loved your recipe on Paolos dish and really need another one.

    And i also wonder what different kinds of prosciutto that goes well with pasta and cream.

  • MrsMacchi

    Hi Nermo, all prosciutto’s go very well with cream, since prosciutto already has a natural saltiness to it. I will keep your request for recipes in mind and see what we can do.
    SInce our blog is very new we are continuosly trying to figure out what is needed and by getting requests like your it makes it a whole lot easier for us to know!
    Thank you for participating and for your helpful feedback!
    Hope to hear from you soon ;) .

  • 1Capricieuse

    Beautiful! Derek Dammann is definetly one of my favorite chef, everything he does is spot on!

  • Candace

    WOW that looks good. It will be SO LONG before I can try anything like that! But looking doesn’t hurt. Thanks for the fantastic photo :)

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