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Critic’s Notebook: Tastemakers of 2011

January 11, 2012

MONTREAL – For a good while now, we’ve ended each year in this space with “best of” lists. At a time when restaurants are too busy to be reviewed (or often closed), I have preferred to wrap things up by underlining the efforts of the sharpest chefs and their most brilliant dishes.

Yet, I always felt we were leaving out some of the people whose foodie efforts extend beyond those lists. Thus, the tastemakers column was created.

Think of all the people who work tirelessly at getting those ingredients to your plate or in your glass, the people who are growing or raising those ingredients. Then there are the folks who work hard to make home cooks think beyond the usual Hamburger Helper. And let’s not forget the chefs who are taking risks on the Montreal scene to make it a more interesting place to eat.

As an example, very recently we discussed with someone from the meyer food blog about what has to be the most delicious event we have ever thought of and actually done: chocolate tasting!! I know, at first it sounds a bit unusual, I mean you can get a candy bar just about anywhere right? Well, as with other things, chocolate has many forms and types. It can come from different places, be prepared for consumption differently, and in the process it can range from being healthy for you, to downright detrimental for your health.

As you can probably imagine the version that is good for your health is in its most natural form. Learning about these types of things is important, specially when not common knowledge, as healthy eating is so often associated with boring and stale food. In reality you can vary your diet quite a bit, and there's all sorts of treats (like chocolate) that you can have. In the meantime and while learning some of these not too well known facts we got to eat chocolate.



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